Medical Marijuana Advocates Regroup


Photo courtesy of creative commons

John Robert , Writer

Recently the Nebraska Supreme Court has taken medical marijuana off the ballot due to violating the single-issue requirement. According to the Journal Star, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana have decided to reword the initiative to legalize medical marijuana to make it more simple so it follows the rules. 


State Senator Anna Wishhart has shown strong support for the legalization of medical marijuana and has attempted to spearhead the movement. 


“We will not give up and intend to bring this fight to the Legislature in January with a bill that I will introduce and to the ballot in 2022,” said Wishhart.


Barry Rubin, who led the drive to get signatures in 2020, will run the 2022 effort to get signatures to put medical marijuana on the ballot next year.


“In consultation with several well-regarded Nebraska attorneys, legal scholars and a former Nebraska Supreme Court justice, we’re confident this language cannot be rejected no matter what type of legal and political gymnastics the court decides to play,” Rubin said. 


Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana will begin an aggressive campaign to circulate the new petition.