Why I’m Pro Life


John Robert , Writer

Growing up I lived in a standard Lincoln home. My parents were older than average, many people thought my Dad was my grandpa due to his all grey hair. They did a good job raising me and my sister. Looking back at it growing up in a stable two parent household with a Mom and a Dad was the greatest privilege a kid could have statistically speaking.


 Growing up I idolized my Dad and I tried to be as much like him as possible. This led to my first interaction with American Politics. I won’t get into the details of my first foray into American Politics but the one detail that sticks out in my mind was the normalization of abortion in my house. 


Due to my fathers more left wing views I believed abortion should be legal for years. I always had a doubt in my mind if this was the right position to hold. If this pro abortion crowd was the right crowd to share views with. As I grew older and more experienced I ultimately made the decision in my life to analyze the data as thoroughly as possible and as I learned more I saw my opinion on the subject to change entirely and I now consider myself proudly pro life.


The first and most common justification for abortion people have is the claim that its not a human life you’re taking in the early stages of human development, but this claim is scientifically false. A man by the name of Steven Andrew Jacobs in a study found a scientific consensus that 95 percent of biologists say life begins at conception. 


Another common argument in favor of abortion is the argument that sentience (Being aware) determines life. The argument is essentially that if a human being is not able to feel or perceive their surroundings that their lack of sentience is vindication and justify earlier term abortion. But the standard people hold in this argument does not seem to apply for any other similar circumstance. Someone in a temporary coma who is not sentient and clearly is not aware of their surroundings is still seen as a human being whose life has value and not just some life you can not just take away. But pro abortion advocates do not afford this same amount of dignity and respect to the unborn.


Many people use the common slogan ¨My body my choice” like it holds any merit but the truth of the matter is just because it’s your body does not mean you have a right to take someone else’s life. If I beat a man to death with my bare hands and use the argument of my body my choice it would hold no merit, because while we have a right to our own human autonomy and a fundamental right to liberty, that does not mean you have a right to strip other U.S. citizens (Such as the unborn) of their fundamental constitutional right to life and you can’t attempt to erase anyone has a human being. 


Abortion should not fall into the same political trappings of other divisive issues where we argue and argue and never find a solution, human life is not something we should ever undermine.