Weight Training Lifts the Bar of Health


Alex Vokoun

On Monday, Sept. 20, sophomore Rayce Hornung-Relka back squatted. He squatted 255 pounds for 5 reps.

Alex Vokoun, Writer

On Monday, Sept. 20, weight training had a push day of lifting, which included back squat and incline bench. This push day also includes a sprint test, a weekly test that measures the students sprint speed. 


The class does four days of lifting a week with two push days and two pull days per week. Push days are exercises where students push the weight away from their body, and pull days are exercises where students pull the weight into their body. 


“Bench press is my favorite lift,” sophomore Rayce Hornung-Relka said. “It is fun to lift heavy weights and to do it with my friends.”


Weight training teaches lifting with proper form and proper rest. Every Wednesday, weight training class goes to the gym and plays basketball, football or volleyball as a rest day. 


“On Wednesdays, we test verticals, broad jumps or 40 yard sprints,” sophomore Braylon Lewis said. “After we test that, I play basketball with my friends.”


Weight training is an elective offered at Lincoln Southwest. It counts for 5 credits to a student’s Physical Education graduation requirement.