Upcoming Forensics Meeting


The forensics meeting for new members will be on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

Isabella Skare, Writer

The forensics meeting for new members will be on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

The meeting will take place in the B200 forum at 6:30 p.m. Students interested in being a part of either speech or debate can learn about the events that each team offers.

“The main reason to attend next Tuesday is to come and find out a lot of logistical information about how coaching works, how rehearsals work, team meetings,” speech coach Matt Heimes said. “I think it will help kids if they’re kind of deciding between speech and debate. We’ll talk about the benefits, how competitions work, all of those kinds of things, and they get a chance to meet and see other kids that are interested.”

LSW speech and debate is home to 33 State Champions, 93 Academic All-Americans, 365 National Qualifiers, and 21 National Finalists. The forensics program is one of the 100 largest in the country and has won the 2020 National School of Honor in Debate Award, the 2014 National Champions in Duet Acting, 2013 National School of Excellence in Speech Award, and 2006 National School of Excellence in Debate Award.

“I joined the team during my sophomore year because I wanted to send a message and see the reaction of a listener,” senior Kevin Amaro said. It’s always a good feeling to see the reaction you wanted to see in the audience. I think others should join because you will be able to be a better writer and speaker in the future, build confidence, and meet some friends along the way.”

Last year, speech competitions were done over Zoom with students participating either in the school or from their own homes.

“The hope is that we’re able to go back live,” Matt Heimes said. “The schools that are planning on the November tournaments have already said that they will definitely require masks and hope to set up the rooms distant enough that the performers can take off the masks when they go to the front of the room and then mask up again right away.”

The forensics parent meeting will be on Monday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m.