Southwest Student has Top 200 Men’s March Madness Bracket


Alex Berry, Writer

The Final Four teams are set for the men’s March Madness Tournament. North Carolina, Duke, Villanova and Kansas have won their past four games to reach the Final Four. 


In the ESPN Tournament Challenge app, each account can make up to 25 brackets.


One student at Lincoln Southwest, sophomore Dylan Kotik, currently has the 158th ranked bracket out of the over 17 million brackets made. The first place winner could win $100,000 if they entered the “Tournament Challenge.” 


How much time did it take Kotik? Five minutes. Although Kotik did not enter the official tournament to win the $100,000, he would still be very pleased to win the money. 


“If I won the $100,000 I would probably give a lot of it to my parents and get some clothes,” Kotik said. “I was really surprised to see all of my final four teams still in since it took my less than 10 minutes (to fill out the bracket).”


Kotik had five out of eight of the Elite Eight teams correct. He currently has a score of 1,010 with a max of 1,650 points. 


Kotik was one several of his baseball teammates to fill out a bracket as a team-building activity. However, it took a lot of convincing to get Kotik to make the bracket. 


“We (the reserve baseball team) wanted him to make the bracket because our entire team was doing a bracket challenge to win money and he was the only one to not make one,” sophomore Luke Reiling said. “So he had eight minutes left and we demanded him to make one before practice on the day the tournament started.”


The Final Four games start on April 2, at 5:09 p.m., when Villanova takes on Kansas and Duke vs North Carolina will follow at 7:49 p.m.