Seniors Allowed To Return Full-Time

Kole Scheneman

On January 22, 2021, LPS Superintendent Steve Joel announced that all LPS seniors would be allowed to return to class full time if they chose to do so. Underclassmen do not have the choice of going full time unless they are a group C student.

Seniors were allowed to fully come back on Monday, February 1. A form was emailed to all seniors and their parents. Filling out the form is required if you wish to attend school full time again.

“It feels good,” principal Michael Gillotti said. “I’m happy to have more students back, particularly the seniors, given everything that we know that our senior class has missed out on, so it’s nice to give them a little bit more normalcy and let them come to school again.”

Attending school full-time again has given seniors the opportunity to be in the classroom full time again, meaning that they won’t have to use the online lesson plan anymore. It also helps with their scheduling if they’re involved in school activities.

“Coming back to school full time was very cash money,” senior Nathan Warjri said. “It has allowed me to keep a structured schedule in my life that would have otherwise been lacking with zoom school, and has also allowed me to communicate with my peers, something that was long lost at home and alone.”

Coming back to school full time has also allowed seniors to see their friends in both groups again.

“Honestly, I like having more people in class,” senior Morgan Hemphill said. “We get to do more interaction activities now that there are more people! I also enjoy seeing more of my friends in school now!”

If the COVID-19 risk dial remains where it’s at currently, seniors will probably be allowed to attend full time for the rest of the year. If it goes back into the red, however, that may change.