Senator Speaks Her Heart to Students



Senator Patty Pansing Brooks speaks to students at Lincoln Southwest High School. She was invited to come speak by the Genders and Sexualities Alliance.

Emely Chairez, Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, Sept. 12, Senator Patty Pansing Brooks came to speak at Lincoln Southwest after school. The Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) invited her to come and speak after learning that she is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. 


“I reached out to Senator Patty Pansing Brooks because I was thinking of how GSA could learn from those advocating for change. I wanted people to know that what we do in the club can have real world impacts,” senior president of GSA Molly O’Brien said. “I believe she matters to GSA because while we’re living in a time with so much uncertainty, it’s reassuring to know there is someone advocating for our rights and there is hope.”


Through a google form, students submitted questions to ask Senator Brooks. At the panel, she was asked questions by O’Brien and senior vice president of GSA Delaney Baker.


“I think her speaking at LSW will inspire students and possibly teachers to cast their vote in the midterms,” O’Brien said. “I actually do know of one student who is eligible to vote in November and decided to come to educate herself on the candidates.”


While answering questions, Senator Brooks was able to share her goals and plans she has if she were to be elected to Congress in November. She also shared more about her experience being a democrat in a majority republican state. 


“My goal was to let them know that their voice is extremely important and they are being heard,” Senator Brooks said. “Politics can feel like a space where you are not heard unless you are in a powerful position, but the real power lies in those who make their voices heard. Voting, testifying and writing to elected officials all elevate the voices of everyone and can make real change.”


After the pre-submitted questions from the form were answered, audience members were welcome to ask questions. 


“My experience was unbelievable. Her coming and answering our questions made me more inspired to vote in the upcoming election,” senior Aubrey Wyatt said. “It was extra special though, after the panel was over, I got to talk to her one on one. I told her I would like to get more involved and she gave me her phone number so that we could further discuss me possibly volunteering for her campaign.”


Anyone wanting to get involved with her campaign was encouraged to speak with her after the panel and to go to her website.


“It was a very rewarding experience. Speaking to young people is so important because they will be our leaders and difference makers very soon,” Brooks said. “We need to engage young people in the issues of today so that they can lead the way when their time comes.”


The Nebraska midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Voters will choose between Senator Patty Pansing Brooks and current Congressman Mike Flood. Whoever is elected will be a representative in Congress.