Principal addresses safety concerns

John Robert , Editor

On Nov. 14, 2021, Southwest principal John Matzen sent an email regarding a reference to violence on Snapchat. The Snapchat was reported with the LPS green safe to say button. LPS Security contacted the Lincoln Police immediately and they fully investigated the report. 


The police contacted the individual to make sure there were no potential threats to any Southwest students or staff. Matzen assured in his email that there was no active threat to anyone and that extra precautions were being taken to make sure the day ran smoothly.


“I want to be clear – there is no active threat towards Southwest High School,” Matzen said. “We will have extra support from LPS Security and Lincoln Police tomorrow to ensure a regular day of teaching and learning at school.” 


Matzen additionally provided some general guidelines for ethical social media use on any social media platforms to avoid negative consequences in the future.


  • Think before you post. Be safe, respectful and responsible citizens. 
  • Even if you post something privately everything online is public and what is considered “private” can be shared easily. When you post, are you thinking about your future self and how it will affect you? College admissions and employers can see what you’ve posted in the past. 
  • Any threat of violence will be taken seriously and investigated. Anyone who posts about violence could face legal action. 

If you see something on social media that’s concerning, tell a trusted adult immediately. If you have something you want LPS to know you can always use the LPS safe to say green button on the website.