LSW Holds Inclusivity Week


Eric Schultz

This past week, TIE (Teens Influencing Equity) club sponsored Inclusivity Week. Inclusivity Week focused on Racial Discrimination, Religion, Socioeconomics, LGBTQ+, and Ableism in LSW and all were covered over this past week with one topic covered each day during 2nd block.

TIE club, which was formed last year, focuses on equity and understanding of equity through LSW, TIE club previously existed at Scott Middle School.

With the topics that were covered during the week, each topic went over statistics of students that had experienced that prejudice and how students could solve the problems at school. The ideas that were made as topics were seen as important at LSW.

“Well we tried to think of things that were active issues at Southwest,” sophomore Henry Spethman said.

Mrs. Melanie Gross, who is the sponsor of TIE club, was approached by a couple seniors asking if TIE club could become a official club at LSW and they also asked if Inclusivity Week could be sponsored by the brand new TIE club.

“Inclusivity Week existed before the club started last year. A couple seniors originally had the idea for Inclusivity Week a couple years back,” Gross said. “Before the beginning of last school year a couple seniors brought the idea for the club and Inclusivity Week.”

In each slide during Inclusivity Week there were links to groups that focused on each issue listed, each group was additionally a local group in Nebraska.

For more information on any of the topics, follow the links to each group:  Racial Discrimination, Religion, Socioeconmics, LGBTQ+, and Ableism.