Lifetime Sports Kicks the Ball into Teaching Healthy Habits


Lifetime sports and team sports play kickball on Aug. The game was in the main gym on Aug. 24.

Alex Vokoun, Writer

On Aug. 24, lifetime sports and team sports played a game of kickball. Lifetime sports and team sports merge classes to have big games of the daily game of choice. 


“The class is very popular. It’s easy, fun physical activity,” sophomore Landon Holmberg said. “We play kickball, capture the flag, softball, basketball, soccer and scooter basketball.”


The class is very similar to team sports, the main difference being that lifetime sports does things off the campus such as golf.


Lifetime sports teaches students healthy ways to get physical activity and ways to get physical activity after high school. It also helps students prepare for working in a team setting and learning communication methods. 


“It makes you work cooperatively and work with other people,” sophomore Reid Pedersen said. “The class is very easy and a good way to work in teams.”


Lifetime sports lasts a term and is offered year around at Lincoln Southwest High School.