A Bit of Spice to Enchanted Royalty


Emely Chairez

Juniors Jordyn Frank and Steven Dao at Southwest’s pep rally on Wednesday, April 20. Both students won junior prom royalty.

Lillian Bittle, Writer

At the pep rally on Wednesday, April 20, nominees for prom royalty were announced. The crowning ceremony was at prom on April 23 located at Courtside Banquet Hall. 


Nominees for the junior class were Yeilli Gonzalez Lopez, Millie Iacono, Katerine Satorie, Jordyn Frank, Kynlee McBride, Steven Dao, Jack Thielen, Owen McGovern, Collin Fritton and Caleb Sindelar.


“(I was nominated) because I asked my friends and I wanted to be a part of royalty,” Frank said. “Also prom is actually on my birthday and I feel that winning would make it much more fun.”


Nominees for the senior class were Kinya Kairigi, Alexa Schell,  Brianna Rinn, Stephanie Amend, Trumyne Lee, Dominic Sander, Jack Shaffer, Giet Giet, Eric Schmeling and John Greisen.


“I wanted to see if I could get nominated, and I did, so now I’m happy and here for the ride,” Schell said. “I don’t expect to win, I just want to have fun and add a little bit of spice to the runnings.”


Royalty winners were juniors Frank, Dao, and seniors Lee and Sander.


“It was a fun event to go to with all of my friends,” Lee said. “I was really shocked, I didn’t think I was gonna win.”


The prom season isn’t over yet. Students are able to go to Pride Prom on Thursday, April 28 at East High School.