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Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals

Zade Miller

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Everyone loves animals, but sometimes deciding which animal to get as a pet can be difficult. Should you go with a dog, a cat, maybe even a fish? No. I recommend that you go for something exotic, which is why I have created a list covering the top 10 legal exotic pets to own.


Photo courtesy from Flickr user Yvonne N

1. Fennec Fox

The debate between cats and dogs has been going on for centuries, but it can finally be settled with the fennec fox. The best of both the cat and dog, the fennec fox has the agility and independent nature of a cat, and the playful energy of a puppy. Plus, they are one of the cutest animals in the world.


Photo courtesy from Flickr user Nikoretro

2. Flying Squirrel

Tiny and agile, the flying squirrel (also known as the sugar glider) loves to climb. They enjoy climbing their owner like a tree, and sleeping in shirt pockets. Even better, they form a deep and personal bond with their owner. Just the thought of a tiny flying squirrel swooping down to say hello to guests, managing to scare them half to death is a good enough reason for me.


Photo courtesy from Flickr user Slick Knoll

3. Kinkajou

Known as the honey bear and roughly the size of a cat, the kinkajou can be a very mischievous animal. They are known to explore and make a mess of everything they see, and enjoy redecorating the house by throwing their food. If Paris Hilton can take care of a kinkajou though, then why can’t I?


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

4. Hedgehog

Another very curious animal, the hedgehog is a pokey little ball of adorable. They enjoy exploring, floating on their backs, and scrunch up their spiked brow when angered. You can even pet them, as long as you go with the quills, not against the grain. They are also the most common animal on this list, so if all else fails, get a hedgehog.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

5. Chinchilla

Deemed the softest animal in the world, the chinchilla is perfect for a soft cuddly pet. The only downside is they bathe by rubbing dust all over their tiny bodies, so I guess you could never have a clean house again. But I guess it would be more than worth-it.


Photo courtesy of USFWS Mountain-Prairie

6. Skunk

This may seem strange to some, but a skunk is actually a really interesting pet. Once their scent glands are removed, to prevent your house from smelling like rotten cabbage. They are slightly intelligent, and will often explore their environment and lounge around. The best part though, is that they love being held.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

7. Mantis Shrimp

This little creature is more interesting than cute. What it lacks in good looks, it makes up for with a mean right hook. Deemed one of the fastest punches in the world, the Mantis shrimp can shatter hermit crab shells and aquarium glass like it’s nothing. While you wouldn’t want to make it angry, it would still be cool to own.


Photo courtesy from Flickr user Heather Paul


8. Wallaroo

Much like a tiny kangaroo, just without the razor sharp claws, the wallaroo grows to the size of a small child. Like a small child, they need to wear diapers. Also when threatened they tend to hiss and stomp on the ground to alert others. That’s why I want a wallaroo. So that I can come home and see a tiny kangaroo in a diaper, hissing at the world. Classic.


Photo courtesy from Flickr user Mike Licht

9. Axolotl

Another creature that is more interesting than cute, the Axolotl has a nifty little gift. They have the ability to regenerate lost limbs, sections of their brains and even up to one third of their heart. This is the ideal pet for someone who is a little too clumsy when handling animals.


Photo courtesy from Flickr user Ivan Mlinaric

10. Capuchin Monkey

Not to be confused with the cappuccino monkey, which doesn’t exist, the capuchin monkey enjoys being dressed up, bottle fed, and washing things with their pee. Despite that last fact, owning a capuchin monkey would be the best. They use tools and have their own little personalities. They are basically just really smart hairy babies, and can live for up to 45 years.


There you have it, the top ten legal exotic animals to own. I do not advise that you go out and buy any of these animals, or all of them, without doing extensive research on what they need to thrive, as well as legal restrictions in your state over exotic animals. But otherwise, go crazy.

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Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals