Varsity Volleyball Serves Another Win


Emma DeShon

Senior Alli Mullin ready to receive the volleyball. After the picture was taken Mullin received the volleyball and returned it.

Maryam Ali, Writer/Editor

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, varsity volleyball won their game against the North Star Navigators 3-0.

“Every team in Class A volleyball is able to come and fight for a win,” junior Malayah Long said. “We have been taking practices super seriously and working on, like blocking, defense, and receiving because those are things that are going to win us the game.   


In the first set, Southwest hit it off with a 25-10 win. In their second set, they spiked another win 25-12 and in the third set, they finished it with a score of 25-13.


“We scouted them and looked at their big hitters,” junior Teagan Little said. “We started off strong and never played down to their level.” 


The team will compete next on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022 at the Triangular games at LSW at 5:00 p.m.