Senior Yearbook Photo Submission Deadline Oct. 31


Cadi Wilbeck

The deadline for submission of senior yearbook photos is Oct. 31. Only one photo per student may be submitted, which must be a vertical, four color, high resolution digital image that has at least 225 dpi in JPEG format. 


In the photo, the background must not be distracting (medium-toned and neutral-colored is preferred) and no items like tree trunks or fences should block the view of the student. Clothing should not contrast with the background and be school appropriate. No props or hats are allowed in the photo.


The shot should be a straight forward view of the head and shoulders, and the student’s hands should not be covering their face. 


The file must be sized at about 2” x 3” or wallet size, and must be named according to the student’s name, for example john_doe.jpg.


Photos can be uploaded HERE. Please view the specifications sheet, and contact Brandi Benson, the Southwest yearbook adviser, at 402-426-1306 or [email protected] with any questions.