Candy For A Cause


Emely Chairez

A table by the main entrance at Southwest where students can buy candy. All proceeds will be donated by Student Council to The National Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Emely Chairez, Editor-In-Chief

Until Oct. 7, Student Council will be selling candy after school in front of the trophy cases by the main entrance. All proceeds will be donated to the National Foundation of Suicide Prevention (NFSP). 


The NFSP was founded in order to help those at risk of suicide. Their goal is to make individuals feel less alone and find resources to help them. 


“We decided to donate the money we earn from selling candy to the NFSP because we’ve talked about suicide awarness in school a little,” senior president Lizzie Lesoing said. “It’s on the back of our lanyards but I don’t think it’s talked about much because it’s sometimes a sensitive thing. I think donating and just having a fundraiser for it is good because it brings awareness while also helping that organization out.”


The candy and chocolate bars will be sold for $2 each. There are assorted candies available such as Twix bars and M&M’s. 


“I went and bought some candy,” senior Aubrey Wyatt said. “By the end of the week I think they’ll have raised a lot of money to donate. I’m glad they’re doing this because raising awareness for suicide prevention is really important.”


This is the first time Student Council has held this event and they are planning to do it again next fall.