Winter Sports Postponed

Kole Scheneman

With new restrictions being put in place throughout the LPS school district, it has been decided that all high school winter sports will be postponed until further notice.

This comes as a disappointment to many players and coaches since tryouts were right around the corner.

“I’m sad because I really like playing basketball, and I’ve played for a long time.” freshman Rylie Buser said.

Winter sports have not fully been canceled, they’ve only been postponed, however, tryout dates are still up in the air.

Sports aren’t only a way to let out your competitiveness, teammates can also farm strong bonds between one another.

“It’s a shame because you won’t know the girls as much as you would’ve if the season wasn’t postponed.” Buser said.

Updates on when new tryout dates will be for winter sports will be posted as soon as a decision is made. Talks of a return in December have been made, but an official decision has not been declared.