Ms. Border New Teacher Profile


Xander Diaz

Southwest is home to the new social worker Ms. Border. Ms. Border hopes to help students using her secret power of empathy.

Xander Diaz, Writer

Ms. Border 


Where are you from? 

“Lincoln, Nebraska”


 Do you have any spouses or loved ones at home? If not, where is your family?

“Yes, I have a husband, a two-year old daughter, and I’m pregnant with one on the way.  We also have an energetic Australian Shepherd.”


 What college did you go to ?

“Nebraska Wesleyan. I majored in Social Work.”


What subject do you teach?

“I am the School Social Worker at LSW, so I do not teach.”


Do you have any separate jobs besides Social Work?

“I am a family photographer on the side.”


Is there any specific reason that you started to Work in social work?

“I started out interested in teaching Special Education but then soon realized during my practicums that I spent most of my time talking with students about their home life, past trauma, coping skills, etc. I started to look into social work instead.”


How was your first experience as a Social Worker?

“My first experience as a school social worker was in Omaha at a K-12 level three behavioral school.  I worked with some of the most difficult students who had significant trauma, severe behaviors and often unstable home environments.  I learned and grew so much from this experience and still visit the school and students each year when I have time.“


Did you do social work anywhere else?

“Nope. However, last year, I was at Southwest, North Star and Northeast.”


What do you do for fun?

“Right now, my idea of fun is starting my morning with coffee and cinnamon rolls with my husband and daughter at home, jamming to some music and then heading out to Pioneers Park with our dog.”


If you had to be an animal for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

“I never know how to answer this question, it probably changes year to year.  Today, I’d say a monkey because I would love to live in the jungle and be able to swing from trees.  I think monkeys are pretty intelligent and sneaky too.”


When was the day you knew you wanted to be a social worker?

“I cannot pinpoint a day honestly, but after working at the behavioral school in Omaha, I knew I wanted to be a school social worker as my long term career path. I learned so much from those kids and saw them grow with such resilience.”


What is your biggest strength as a social worker ?

“As a school social worker, I’d say my biggest strength is empathy.”


In 10 years what do you hope to accomplish?

“I hope I have grown as a wife and mother, I hope to have made a positive impact at Southwest High School in my position, I hope to have traveled to Europe, and I hope I am the best version of myself in 10 years.”