Ruthless Ramen Noodle Cook-Off

Jina Bagheri

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Cadi Wilbeck

Junior Andy Vo of Asian Caucus prepared his ramen noodles.

Asian Caucus held a ramen cook-off on Wed. Nov. 14 after school at 3:30 p.m in room A105.


Cadi Wilbeck
Freshman Gia Tong of Asian Caucus prepared her ramen for the judges.


The members chose to participate to gain a better relationship with the other students in the club.


“I thought it would a really fun experience to bond with the people in Asian Caucus,” freshman Gia Tong said. “And I thought it would be a really nice competition.”


Members of Asian Caucus cooked Ramen noodles for judges who chose which they liked the most. The members added more seasoning to make their dishes stand out.


“I made beef noodles and I added some lemon and extra vegetables to it,” freshman Amani Al-Haidari said.


Mr. Charlie Bittle, the Asian Caucus sponsor  thought this cook-off could bring everyone closer and strengthen their relationships.  


“I would say the ramen cook-off idea is just to build camaraderie and community in this group and to hopefully to show visitors how fun you all can have in this environment,” Bittle said. “Plus you can be with like-minded individuals which can be a quirky thing to do with a fun tight-knit group.”


Maci Flood
Freshmen Amani Al-Haidari and Han Vo of Asian Caucus put together her ramen noodles for the judges.


The tallied votes that were submitted concluded a tie of three votes between Gia Tong and Andy Vo of Asian Caucus.