Fun in the Sun

By Lauryn Bailey

Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? Summer days can get a little dull when you don’t have anything to do. Here are a few activities and games you can try out with your friends!

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag:

As the daytime begins to fade and the sun goes down this game brightens the night. Get together a big group of people and split up into two teams. Each player will need two glow bracelets, the same colors as the flags. Half of the group will wear one color for their team, and the other half will wear the second color. Once you have everything set, go out and have a colorful night.

Paint Twister:

Be prepared to get a little bit messy with this game. Just throw on some old clothes and you’ll be ready to go. Instead of playing just regular old twister you can add paint onto each color dot to liven the game up. This makes the game even more intense to not mess up. Whoever stays up the longest without getting messy wins!

Beach Volleyball:

This game is one of the most common things to play in the summer! Holmes Lake has a great area to set up at. Get together with a few other people and enjoy the summer sun with your friends.

Spike Ball:

This game is played 2v2, with a hula hoop sized Spike ball net in the middle of both teams. The game starts by a player throwing the ball off of the Spike ball net so it bounces towards the other team. They have three hits before they have to bounce it back off the net. Points are scored by the other team missing the ball and hitting the ground. You can buy the equipment for this game for $53 dollars on its website. The package will come with the Spike ball game, Spike ball, and a backpack.

Ultimate Frisbee:

This is a great way to get outside and spend some time with your friends. All you need is a frisbee and a few other people to get a game started. It’s a non-contact game so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt.

Gaga Ball:

There are many rules to follow in this game, but it’s easy to get the hang of it. It’s basically a bunch of players in a pit, throwing balls at each other. If the ball touches you below the knee, you’re out. The last one who doesn’t get out wins. It’s a really fast game that’s easy to play over and over.

Long boarding:

This is starting to become a more popular activity to do. Long boards can cost anywhere from 40-20 dollars, depending on how nice of a long board you get. They’re a great way to cruise around town and it makes coasting long distances more comfortable. You can use long boards for many different things such as; cruising, transportation, free ride, dancing, and downhill.

Water Fight:

On a hot summer day, this is the perfect activity to take a break and cool down. Gather up all the water balloons and water guns that you can find. Get with one of your friends and get ready to be splashed with water.