Top 5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Pointless

Kole Scheneman

Top 5 reasons why Valentine’s Day is pointless

Lots of people consider people Valentine’s Day to be their least favorite holiday for various reasons.

But what makes this holiday so special anyway? Why do some people hate it so much? There are many answers to these questions, but I’m here to tell you mine.

  1. Little historical significance

As I said before, most people don’t even know the history of Valentine’s Day. So why do we even celebrate it? It really doesn’t make any sense when you think about it.

  1. You can show your love for someone everyday

Why do we need a designated holiday to show our love and appreciation for someone? Shouldn’t we be doing that normally? For example, why would you give your significant other flowers on Valentine’s Day to show your appreciation for them, when you can do the same thing any other day with the same result? Wouldn’t it be more special to do it on a day where they wouldn’t be expecting it?

  1. Sugar

All that Valentine’s Day candy may seem good at first, but how will it affect you later on? What if you have a test the next day at school and you can’t sleep because of your sugar rush, and you come into school the next day really tired because the sugar rush wore off? Or just how unhealthy all of that sugar can be in general?

  1. Tacky gifts

We’ve all seen it before. Usually people just get candy or cards for Valentine’s Day, but we’ve all seen that person with that cup full of candy, the huge balloon, the roses,the huge teddy bear, the whole package. Whatever happened to the simple heart shaped Sweet Tarts?

  1. The “woe is me” people

Oh boy, social media on Valentine’s day. All of those people who COMPLAIN about not getting any Valentines, or whining because of how “lonely” they are. Let me make something perfectly clear, if you’re complaining to a friend about it, that’s okay. If you post about it on social media where everyone can see it, you’ve crossed the line. If you want to avoid being “lonely” on Valentine’s Day, just don’t celebrate it. I can understand how not getting a Valentine can make someone upset, but again, Valentine’s Day is a pointless holiday. So don’t celebrate it and you won’t have to worry about not getting any Valentines. Being sad is one thing, but getting worked up over something as little as not getting a Valentine? That’s just playing the pity card right there.

This list doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a holiday to show your love for someone (even though you can, and probably should, do that everyday). As long as you don’t do too many things on this list, enjoy Valentine’s Day.