Life as a Mermaid

By Jada Johnson

There is a part of me that belongs in water. I crave it. Whether it’s a just a 20-minute shower or going swimming in a pool. My soul needs the water. You can see it in my eyes. They are bright blue, just like my favorite place: the ocean.

When I picture a mermaid, I see lots of different things. I imagine warm weather on a beach, tan skin, bright blond hair and a pretty blue and pink fishtail. This is me in the summer, minus the long fishtail.

Even after reading some of the history of mermaids, I could still be a mermaid. They are imagined to be these magical creatures that were half human and half fish. Not all the legends about them are good. Stories have come from Greek mythology and were related to shipwrecks and storms. To be honest, the slimy feel of fish kind of freak me out, but if I could have a tail full of scales to help me swim, I would definitely become part fish.

I remember as a kid I would always love swimming and taking super long showers. My grandparents had a pool that I would stay in all day long. Until I was attacked by giant horse flies, I was forced to hold my breathe underwater or run inside. I remember never wanting to leave the pool because I would always have so much fun.

I knew I was a mermaid during one of the hot summers I spent at the pool in middle school. The sun was setting and I was one of the only ones left at the pool. I dove in the water and just swam around. When I opened my eyes I saw the sun shine through the clear water. I felt so happy. That’s when I knew I belonged in water.

During the summer, I spend as much time as I can out in the sun and in water. I pretty much live in my swimsuit along with my bare feet. My freckles start appearing and I get a nice, glowing tan. Usually after my long days outside I will have these nice beachy waves in my hair. What mermaid doesn’t?

Being underwater is almost an indescribable feeling. It’s so peaceful and quiet. Although you can’t breathe, it makes you appreciate the short time you have more. Since you can only be under for so long you have to take it in while you can. You are surrounded by water yet you don’t feel anything on your skin. You peacefully float there until it’s time to get more air. When you are above water it feels like a warm hug. The water on your skin is so gentle. My heart is so happy and relaxed being in water.

When I am at the beach I’m taken to another place. The sounds of the waves crashing is so soothing to me. So calm and carefree. All worries go away. Even the sand between my toes makes me smile. Then once I get sucked in by the waves I let them pull me in and take me wherever. I could spend all day just in the ocean and never get bored. I have too much fun which makes leaving so hard.

Mermaids live in the water, which sounds like a dream. They are such magical creatures. I would do anything to be able to swim in the ocean all day and be able breathe underwater. They might not actually exist but if they did I was meant to be one.