Swim Team Gets New Head Coach

Ashley Finnegan

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Earlier this year Lincoln Southwest’s Swim team lost their head coach Leigh Ann Fetter-Witt. On Thursday, Oct. 3, the team found out that Ross Mueller, their old assistant coach, would be taking the head coaching position.


Freshman Tommy Palmer is happy Mueller took the position but he knows there might be some challenges. 


“I’m happy Ross took the job but he won’t be able to get to practice on time sometimes so we might have to shift practice times to later,” Palmer said. “He has a full time teaching job that will probably be prioritized at times. There will be challenges but he can do it.”


Other swimmers are excited for Mueller to take the job. They’ve had him for three years and know him well. 


“I’m excited I think that because he’s been our coach for three years and knows us and our culture that he’s a good fit,” senior Martha Walstad said.