Day Added to Fall Break


This year, Fall Break gains an extra day. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, there will be no school.

Isabella Skare, Writer

This year, Fall Break will include both Monday, Oct.18 as well as Tuesday, Oct. 19. An additional day (Oct. 19) was approved at a Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education Regular Meeting.

Some students have found the extra day useful for traveling over the break.

“I’m going to Oregon for dispersion camping,” senior Thomas Marti said. “I only have to miss one day of school instead of two.”

Teachers are also taking advantage of the extra day to both relax and prepare for the upcoming term. 

“For me, I’m very happy to have it because we’ll be traveling on Monday to Kansas, so it’s nice to have that extra day to be able to come back and prepare for term two,” Mrs. Kathy Little said. “I’m wanting to make some changes for a couple of my classes in terms of assignments and programming, so I’m going to use that time to hopefully make some new and additional lesson plans to implement in term two.”

An email detailing the change of Fall Break dates was sent out to Lincoln Public Schools families and students on Tuesday, Sept. 28. 

“The Board recognizes the added demands on staff and the stress on families and wants to enhance the ability of staff to meet these ongoing challenges,” the email said.A link to view the updated calendar can be found in the email as well as on the LPS website here.