Sunbelt Bar Review

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Brianna Rinn

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Sunbelt Bars. The purest form of joy. The heart of the American soul. They are a work of art, a gift to the new world, a mere figment of imagination that has come to life. 

The fact that a single company could mass produce such a joy inducing granola bar is truly astounding. It is amazing that any product could give one such delight. This is a masterpiece in itself. These chocolate chip granola bars are a testament to the company. The sweat, blood, and tears that surely have gone into producing these bars is displayed by the success of this gourmet delicacy. 

Out of the variety of flavors offered by Sunbelt Bakery, the Chocolate Chip granola bar is far superior to all others. Though one still indulges in great merriment when tasting a flavor such as Oats and Honey or Pumpkin Spice, the feeling obtained from the classic Chocolate Chip is incomparable to all others. When the luscious oats first caress your tongue, an explosion of endorphins detonate in your brain. Though possibly addicting, these granola bars will give you far less guilt than a caloric brownie or ice cream sandwich.

The packaging is also extremely pleasing to the eye. Each flavor has a corresponding color to distinguish it from its counterparts. Chocolate Chip is light blue, Oats and Honey is green, Lemon is yellow, etc. This makes for easy organization and easy shopping for customers. During October, the boxes also display the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, supporting the cause with pride.

These granola bars are a revered innovation that should be put down in history. With the amazing texture, variety of flavors, and pleasant packaging, every person should try one of these prestigious wonders.