Runza Ice Cream Sandwiches

Photo Courtesy of Runza

Abby Deutsch

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Runza Ice Cream Sandwiches are the best thing to ever happen to America. The perfectly balanced taste of delicious chocolate chip cookies paired with twist ice cream is to die for.

The minute one orders an ice cream sandwich, they are transported straight to heaven. They only cost $1.89 and will bring you a lifetime of happiness. The ice cream sandwiches can be eaten straight out of the bag and be delightful, or they can thaw out a little and still be the exact same measure of delightful. 

It is sad to think that this delicacy is contained to only Nebraska. Runza ice cream sandwiches need to be shipped all around the world. They will be the beginning of achieving world peace. 

These ice cream sandwiches are perfect for any kind of day you’re having. Sweltering hot, A/C all the way up, don’t leave children or pets in the car type of day? Runza ice cream sandwich is the solution. Freezing cold, snow falling on the ground, three pairs of gloves won’t save you from frostbite? Runza ice cream sandwich is the solution once again. There is a common theme recurring. Runza ice cream sandwiches are the highway to happiness. 

But the taste isn’t the only thing that makes them the best thing in America. When you are handed the take out bag at the drive-through window, the ice cream sandwich is wrapped perfectly in a little bag. It is hard to resist eating this delectable treat right away. The chocolate chip cookies are baked to absolute perfection. The chocolate chips melt in your mouth, and you’re met with the crunch of the cookie. The twist ice cream is applied with such care, and is centered perfectly between the two cookies. 

But even if you choose to skip the drive-through, and take extra time to walk into the Runza restaurants, you will see the ice cream sandwich right away. The staff designated a whole menu area to the ice cream sandwich. It takes only a couple seconds for you to receive the ice cream sandwich. Most orders take multiple minutes minimum to actually make it to you. 

It’s refreshing to know that every ice cream sandwich is made with love. You can not get that from most places. Ice cream sandwiches from gas stations or supermarkets are just big brands being mass produced to make the most money they can. The Runza staff makes ice cream sandwiches everyday, putting care into each individual cookie and ice cream combination. Runza even bakes their own cookies used in the ice cream sandwich in their own restaurants. This means even the cookies are made with love and care. Big companies use machines to do these jobs. Don’t let them rob you of your money and suck you down into their hole of sadness.

In the future, Runza should switch it up with the ice cream sandwich. The reason these ice cream sandwiches aren’t as popular as they should be, is because they only offer twist ice cream in the middle. The people who are skeptical about either vanilla or chocolate ice cream won’t accept the ice cream sandwich as it is. If they got to pick either vanilla or chocolate, one or the other, the sales would go up. 

But still, the ice cream does not matter. Runza has made the best ice cream sandwich possible. Nebraskans should take this opportunity and stock up on the goodness.  They truly are the best thing to happen to America. Maybe even more impactful than sliced bread.