When is the Class Dropping Deadline?


Eric Schultz

Students interested in dropping classes can go to the counselor.

Eric Schultz

Students who are interested in dropping classes must do so by Feb. 9.

If students are interested in dropping classes they would have to go to C101 and meet with their designated counselor to drop a class.

“In a normal year, the first three days of the term are drop/add — as in, you can drop a class and add another in its place — and then we can only drop classes. Some exceptions are TAing and adding an eLearning class,” counselor Anders Perterson said. “With COVID and the 3/2 schedule, we are going through Jan. 11, so one full week for drop/add.”

Many people drop classes after the first day, but it’s recommended to stay in that class and see if people do actually enjoy that class. Many people do like having the freedom of being able to form their schedule and also change it when desired.

“I actually really enjoy all my classes,” junior Sebastian Shultheis said. “But if you really don’t enjoy your classes then I’d recommend dropping them.”

If a student is interested in making an appointment to drop classes they would need to fill out a counseling center form. Once there, click on your counselor’s picture and then there’ll be a list of open appointments and you may pick the best time to make an appointment.