UNL Media Collaborates With Southwest Newspaper


Photo Courtesy of Brandi Benson

Cadi Wilbeck

On Friday, Nov. 16, one of UNL’s Associate Professors and General Manager of the UNL Radio Station, Rick Alloway, made a trip to Lincoln Southwest. His mission was to help The Hawk Newspaper staff gain expertise in a brand new topic: podcasts.


Alloway instructed students to create a podcast with given guidelines and tips on how to be successful. The staff was given three weeks to create a podcast about a topic each student was passionate about.


“The hardest part about the podcast was finding something that I was actually passionate about,” senior Eleanor Schmiechel said. “Because I have a lot of interests.”


In the podcast, students were required to have intro and outro music, a strong, interesting topic and interviews if applicable. Some students’ stories were more personal, while others had more entertainment topics. Sophomore Ashley Finnegan and senior Nicasia Thelen did a podcast about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). They were the only group podcast in the class.


“We hit some bumps in the road, and it took us about a week to get all of the recording done,” Finnegan said. “Rick gave us some really good tips to help us be successful. Honestly, I don’t think we would have come out with a good result if he wasn’t there.”


Alloway hopes to return to help the new Hawk newspaper staff in the spring semester, which begins January 2019.