Frost’s Tenure at Nebraska Comes to an End


Justin Wan, photo courtesy of the Journal Star

Director of Athletics, Trev Alberts, at his release statement on Sept. 11. Alberts released that Scott Frost was fired.

Alex Vokoun, Writer

On Sept. 11, Nebraska fired head coach Scott Frost after a loss to Georgia Southern on Sept. 10, 45-42. Frost’s record at Nebraska was 16-31, the worst record of a head coach since Bill Jennings, who coached from 1957-1961. Frost was 10-26 in Big 10 conference play. 


“Earlier today I met with Coach Frost and informed him we were making a change in leadership of our football program, effective immediately,” athletic director at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mr. Trev Alberts released in a statement. “After the disappointing start to our season, I decided the best path forward for our program was to make a change in our head coaching position.”


Wide receiver coach, Mickey Joseph, will be the interim head coach. He is the first African American head coach at UNL for a mens sport.


With the game against Oklahoma coming up this weekend, Sept. 17, fans are hoping for a bounce back week. ESPN predicts a 75 percent chance of victory for Oklahoma and Oklahoma favored by 11.5 points. 


“I think we will perform better than people expect with losing a head coach,” sophomore Rayce Hornung-Relka said. “We still suck though, so we probably will be 4-8 or 5-7.”


With the new coach coming in at the end of the season, it is expected to be a rebuild for a couple seasons. 


“I think in three to five years we’re going to be at that national title stage,” sophomore Kaleb Bolte said. “We have to stay consistent with recruiting and continue to develop players.”


Nebraska is predicted to finish with a 3-9 record by ESPN, the same record as last year.