Top Five Fantasy Football Sleepers in 2022-23 Fantasy Football Drafts


Alex Vokoun, Writer

With Fantasy Football drafts being in full swing, there are players going to be drafted later in drafts than their situation this year sets them up to. The positions full of these players are wide receivers and running backs. Particularly the running back position, where depth is hard to find. 


5.Rachaad White – Runningback (RB) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Being the backup for Leonard Fournette, going into training camp, the Tampa Bay offense was rumored into being a shared backfield. Coming out of the preseason, it is not looking like it is going to be a shared backfield, but with 27 year-old Leonard Fournette, there are expected to be injuries. The 27-year-old season for National Football League runningbacks is a major drop off for fantasy, not only in production but durability. With four games injured last year, Fournette’s backup, Ronald Jones averaged 10 points a game. Fournette is historically injury-prone, letting you get a potential RB1 in a high-powered offense at RB57 in draft order.


4.Courtland Sutton – Wide Receiver (WR) Denver Broncos


Cortland Sutton is the WR1 in the Denver Bronco offense. The WR2 in the offense, Jerry Jeudy is being drafted above him. With his last healthy season being 2020, he is due to have an injury-free year. With having a big boost at the quarterback position, bringing in Russell Wilson onto the team in free agency, there is bound to be a bigger passing offense in Denver. Being drafted at WR23, snagging the WR1 in a top offense in the pass heavy AFC West, I think it is going to be a big year for Sutton. 


  1. Chuba Hubbard – Runningback (RB) Carolina Panthers


Being the backup for Christian McCaffrey, a no-doubt top two RB in fantasy football, he is not expected to get many reps when McCaffrey is healthy. With McCaffrey’s last full season healthy being 2019, he is expected to be injured. When McCaffrey is injured, Hubbard averages 10.5 points per game. Hubbard is currently not being drafted in a typical 10-man league, making him the perfect waiver pick-up. 


  1. Saquon Barkley – Runningback (RB) New York Giants


Saquon Barkley is the perfect draft low RB with a high ceiling. When Barkley is healthy he is a top five RB in fantasy. In Barkley’s last fully healthy season, he averaged 20.2 points per game. You can get him in the second to third round in typical 10-man drafts. The Giant’s offense also is not pass heavy and Barkley is expected to have a large role in the receiving game. 


  1. D.J. Moore – Wide Receiver (WR) Carolina Panthers


D.J. Moore is consistently a top 15 WR in fantasy football. This is with bad quarterbacks. With the recent addition of Baker Mayfield, it is expected for Moore to have higher production. He historically follows his quarterback play, as his quarterbacks play well weeks one through four. With Mayfield at quarterback, it is expected to be a better passing offense, and with a possible injury at running back in Christrian McCaffrey at any time, the offense will shift to a Moore focused offense.