Winter Storm Madness


School was canceled for three days after historic snowstorm hits Nebraska.

Eric Schultz

Fourteen-and-a-half inches of snow struck Lincoln on Jan. 25 and three consecutive snow days were called in by LPS causing a 5-day weekend to be around.

Many people would agree that the first two snow days were needed to have people recover and to help them clear the snow from the previous snowstorm. The third day was necessary because the snow wasn’t cleared out yet.

“Some people couldn’t even get out of their driveways,” teacher Donald Strasheim said.

With the extra days students were also given plenty of free time to catch up on whatever students’ may have needed to do. Students seemed to enjoy the 5-day weekend being able to be free of school for a couple days.

“I caught up on sleep, played guitar, and watched movies,” junior Isahen Harms said.

Every year, LPS is given five snow days to use whenever they may be needed. One day was already used on Jan. 15 and three were used on Jan. 25 through Jan. 27,  leaving one snow day left. If the last day is used any snow days afterwards would have to be made up.