Volleyball Defeated Their Biggest Rival Of The Season


Addisyn Keller

Junior Malayah Long serves the volleyball. After the picture was taken the opposing team received it and returned the volleyball.

Maryam Ali, Writer/Editor

On Thursday, Sept. 29, the Lincoln Southwest Silver Hawks Varsity Volleyball team won their game against the Millard West Wildcats with the score of 3-2.

“It’s always a big competition between us because they are a big rivals of ours,” junior Malayah Long said. “ It’s a good way to prove ourselves and what we have to offer.”


In the first set, Southwest started it off with a 25-22 win. In their second set, they got another win 25-18. They lost the third set and fourth set they received a loss with a 25-27 and 18-25. In the fifth and final set they finished it off with a win of 18-16.


“That game was crazy,” junior Teagan Little said. “We all ran into a huddle with tears because we did get reversed swept by them last year and it felt as if it were to happen again because we won the first two sets and they took the second two. It was a battle and one of the hardest games we played this season.”


Up next, the team will compete on Thursday, Oct 6, against Lincoln High at LSW at 6:30 p.m.