Upcoming ACT Testing in Nebraska

On April 6, juniors will be able to take the ACT (American College Testing). Although it doesn’t have to be taken, it is highly recommended to take the ACT to be able to get into college.

There are five subjects on the test: english, math, reading, science, and the writing. The writing test used to be optional but to replace the NSCAS, formally known as the NESA, the writing was added.

For students, the first ACT is free of charge for the first attempt, but every consecutive attempt afterwards will cost $46 without writing, $62.50 with the optional writing and, if registered late, there would be an added fee of $29.50.

“For juniors to preform well on the ACT they should use the ACT prep website that every junior has access to, it’s a huge benefit, it’s important for students to now how the test will feel and what type of questions it’ll ask,” Dr. Travis Brady said. “On top of getting a good night’s rest, eating breakfast, and relaxing before the test.”

To prep, some juniors took a class to help prepare them for the ACT, OnToCollege which is a ACT/SAT prep class that focuses on raising scores for the testing. According to the website, “OnToCollege online test prep helps students develop confidence with test strategies and tips.”

Abby Coen was one of the students to take the preparatory class.

“The score you get on the ACT would help determine what colleges you can get into so if you get into a better college, it’ll lead to a better career path or you’ll get the career path you want,” Junior Abby Coen said.

The school will open at 7:50 a.m. and on April 6th the test will conclude approximately at 1:15 p.m. Only three things will be needed for the testing, those things would be a student ID, an approved calculator and pencils. electronic devices as a whole are prohibited.

If students are interested in doing some studying before the ACT there is a small shelf of ACT/SAT and other study books in the counselor’s office to assist and practice tests are also available upon request. If students wish to do more studying there is a link in each grade’s dedicated google classroom full of Quizlet’s and other study tools.