Tickets Now On Sale for Silver Hawk Theatre Cabaret


Emma Deshon

Tickets are now on sale for the third Silver Hawk Theatre cabaret. Student tickets are $10, and adults are $15.

Michaela Boyd, Editor-in-Chief

Tickets are now on sale for the Silver Hawk Theatre Cabaret happening on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and Oct. 3. 

Last year, performances were restricted to families of cast and performers only. The Silver Hawk Theatre Cabaret will be the first performance open to everyone, regardless of familial status. 

The show will be available for in-person ticketing for all three shows and a livestream for the Thursday and Saturday options.
“I am excited to finally see my school friends in the theatre,” junior Kat Deheus-Judson said. “I am ready to see all of the seats filled after a year of social distancing and a lot of restrictions and I am ready to see my friends show off their talents.”

Similar to the style of a talent show, the Silver Hawk Theatre Cabaret showcases many acts from students of all grade levels. The acts range from singing and dancing to improv scenes. 

“Cabaret is an amazing experience where I get to share the stage with all of my super talented friends,” said junior Jack Thielen. “It’s a great feeling to be able to share a piece of myself with the world.”                          

Tickets are now available on for both the in-person and livestream options, or click