Thank You Teacher Recognition


Photo courtesy of LPS

Eric Schultz

If people would like to vote for a teacher people must do so by Friday, January 29 at 5pm.

If people are interested in voting for a teacher, they can go to the Nomination Form and it will ask your name, your teachers name and other basic information then they must fill out a reason why they were nominated which must be on how the teacher has changed people lives.

“It’s a good idea, because teachers are working so hard nowadays and so they deserve to be recognized,” junior Grant Nelson.

Teachers who are in preschool to 2nd grade, grades 3 to 5, middle school, high school, or are retired are able to be voted for, the voting happens every year so if people missed out they can always vote next year.

“It’s a good thing because many times teachers are unaware of the impact that they are having on students and most the time what they’re doing is beneficial for students,” Mr. Willie Sapp.