Students Flip Over Custom Pancakes in Culinary


Alex Vokoun

On Sept. 6 sophomore Ashlyn Penas cooked custom pancakes. Minnie Mouse was her group’s choice.

Alex Vokoun, Writer

On Sept. 6, students in a culinary class cooked pancakes with custom designs such as pumpkins, Minnie Mouse and squirtle. Students were able to pick their designs using the pancake batter and used food dye to color them. 


Culinary is a class that students enjoy to take.There is culinary one, culinary two and culinary three offered at Southwest. The class can be taken by grades 9-12.


“I think culinary is one of the more fun classes at Southwest,” sophomore Eli Coen said. “I like it because you get to cook food and eat during the class.”


Other than cooking, students learn about cooking equipment and nutrition.


“We learn about cooking equipment, and measuring items,” sophomore Ashlyn Penas said. “We also learn about proteins and nutrients.”


Penas and Coen who are currently in culinary class, have cooked pancakes, pumpkin muffins and snickerdoodle cookies. If students want to take a culinary class, they can talk to their counselor. Culinary class counts for elective fine arts or career and technical education credits.