Sign on to Greatness


Manuel Guerrero

The hawks held Signing Day at Lincoln Southwest in the Auditorium. One by one each of the student athletes walked on stage with their families to sign.

Manuel Guerrero, Writer

 Lincoln Southwest had Signing Day at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Thirteen students signed a letter of commitment to their colleges for sports. They will go to colleges around the country to show off their skills and prove to others that they can make it big.


 “Diving isn’t just a sport, it’s something that consists of 60% mentality and 40% physical. You really have to learn how to put trust in yourself, to take on new challenges and obstacles and once you get a feel of those challenges you feel like you can do anything that you put your mind to,” senior Ryane Neal said. “I will remember my teammates and coaches because they challenged us to do great things. The bond between us divers is unbreakable and I cannot be more excited to challenge myself to do great things at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”


 The Hawks held Signing Day at Lincoln Southwest in the auditorium. One-by-one, each of the student athletes walked on the stage with their families to sign, ready to move on to the collegiate level.


 “When I was in grade school I started to play flag football and the love for the sport skyrocketed and I took a leap at tackle football and have been playing it ever since,” senior Cole Luedtke said. “The bond and the brotherhood in football is unbreakable, I spend time in and time off the field to work for improvement, and improvement came in my favor. And now I can show the University of Kearney what I can do.”


 The students poured all their effort and dedication into School and the sport they play. to make it to the next level and as proud as their parents are they couldn’t be even more proud of themselves.


Name College Sport
Taiyo Kakahashi Doane University Baseball
Brogan Ling Northern Iowa Football
Tyler Bohling Nebraska Wesleyan University Football
Collin Fritton Northern State University Football
Cal newell Washington University-Saint Louis Football
Grant Berry Northwest Missouri State University Football
Cole Luedtke UNK Football
Parker Brown Nebraska Wesleyan University Girls Tennis
Taylor Coleman Northern State University Softball
Danielle Houlden Peru State Softball
Avery Ryder Augustana University  Swimming/Diving
Ryane Neal University of Wisconsin-Madison Diving
Alli Mullin Nebraska Wesleyan University Volleyball