Seniors Say Goodbye to Their Chromebooks


Brooklyn Westlund, Writer

If you are a senior, a Chromebook return station will be set up in the Media Center the last two weeks of the year, May 16-20 and May 23-26. Students will need to check with their teachers about using Chromebooks for finals so they can turn them in as early as possible. 

“Seniors will be the only ones turning in their chromebooks at the end of the year,” Media Specialist Mrs. Michelle Schnell said. “If you are staying in the LPS district for the next school year you will keep the Chromebook, charger and bag. Seniors should turn in their Chromebooks as soon as they are done with it for finals.” 

Students in grades 9-11 will keep their devices over the summer. The summer is the time to make sure to submit a help ticket if your device needs to be looked at or fixed. A help ticket can be made in the Media Center after your last final, or before if you will not be using your chromebook during finals. If students are transferring to another school outside of the LPS district they will need to return their Chromebook. 


Make sure you have:

  1. Your Chromebook
  2. Carrying case/bag
  3. Charger