Practice Makes Perfect



Sophomore Anna Deutsch learns choreography during the Tuesday choreography camp. Ambience has been practicing every Tuesday.

T.E.A., Writer

Ambience at Lincoln Southwest High School had a choreography camp on Tuesday Oct. 25. The show choirs have all started practicing for their competition season starting up in January that goes until March. 


Resonance, the varsity show choir, learned their choreography from Ben Eklund, a Lincoln Southwest alumni and April James. They had a choreography camp in July and the first week of school. The group has been practicing on Tuesdays since August and during every school day in their third-block show choir class. 


“Resonance’s theme this year is ‘Wicked.’ ‘Wicked’ is a musical prequel to the ‘Wizard of Oz,’ which takes place in Oz with these two witches, Glinda and Elphaba,” junior Issak Hogeland, a member of Resonance, said. “It’s about the power of their friendship and choices.”


Ambience, the junior varsity show choir, learned choreography from Eklund and his wife, Jen Randall during their choreography camps in October and November. They’ve been practicing their music during classes. 


“Practice is going well along with singing pretty well too. We’re getting the choreo down,” sophomore Morgan Anderson, a member of Ambience, said. “I’m most excited for the competition season coming up.” 


Emergence, the exhibition show choir, is composed of students from grades 9-12. Emergence rehearses Monday and Tuesday evenings. They got their choreography from Eklund in September and October. 


“I think people are just getting used to show choir,” freshman Jeremiah Keele, a member of Emergence, said. “I’m excited to watch Resonance and Ambience perform as well as the atmosphere of the competitions.” 


The Lincoln Southwest Show Choir Premiere Concert is on Dec. 16 in the auditorium at both 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. Resonance, Ambience and Emergence, as well as each respective group’s bands and crews, will be performing there. The show choir encouraged students to show up and support these singers and dancers.