Plight of Positivity


Carson Reed

Spread as much positivity as you can!

Carson Reed, Writer

Teens Influencing Equity (TIE) Club hosted Positivity Week from May 9 – 13. There were Positivity Packets near the front doors which included inspirational quotes, a treat, stickers and a place for students to write a note of encouragement to others. 

“We held a survey asking if people felt welcome at Lincoln Southwest High School, and we got responses saying no,” sophomore Grace Jeffers said. “We then thought we could develop a week where people send good messages to others to help spread welcomeness.”

Positivity Week was a week to encourage others to be positive. This is the first year that Positivity Week was celebrated at Southwest, and was held to give others a boost during the week and to give others a sense of belonging.

“It’s the end of the term and people need a little positivity,” junior Jordyn Frank said. “If you see someone who looks down and needs a friend, give the person a compliment and try being kind so we can create a positive space for everyone to feel invited and safe.” 

Jeffers hoped that Positivity Week could be an annual event as well as gain students to spread more positivity in the coming years.