Off to the Races


Emma DeShon

Students in Geoscience race their solar power race cars. Mr. Monroe’s Block 1 Geoscience Diff class learned about climate change and engineering for the assignment.

Taylor Emmons, Writer

On Friday, Aug. 16, Phillip Monroe’s Block 1 Geoscience Diff class raced solar power cars. They had created the solar power project to gain more knowledge about engineering and climate change. Students spent the first few weeks of school putting together a plan and creating their own solar race cars. 


“I liked seeing how far they (the cars) go,” freshman Aiden Ourada said. “We got to see all of our hard work pay off.” 


The goal of the project was to inform the students about climate change as well as the effect of solar power and the sun. Each group created a blueprint as a plan to build their individual cars. They then used the blueprint to take their image to real life and create a physical working version of their project. 


“We learned how to come up with a blueprint,” freshman Zeer Christiansen said. “Seeing all the work you did on the blueprint and making it come to life is pretty cool.” 


Students got to take their cars outside in front of Lincoln Southwest and took turns seeing just how far each of their projects would go in a certain amount of time. Each car had a different design that was created by the students. Cars included designs from plain cardboard boxes to boxes with smiley faces. However, they all included solar panels.