New Chromebooks Issued to Freshmen


McKenna DeRiese

Freshmen received new Chromebooks this Tuesday. The exchange was due to a manufacturing defect.

Claire Sublette

The Chromebooks handed out at the beginning of the year were recalled and handed in on Tuesday, March 5. Freshmen exchanged the old Chromebooks for a new ones. Students kept their previous cases and power cords.

The exchange was during block 1 and block 2 and students were directed to the wrestling room. Freshmen were required to bring their ID and old Chromebook.

LPS sent out a disclaimer informing families about the recall explaining the reasoning behind is due to a manufacturing defect related to the power button.

On Dell’s support page, they addressed the issue stating, “Chromebook 11 3180 / 3189 systems may not be able to charge the battery or the battery charge level may get stuck at 1%. This issue is most commonly seen after long term storage.”

Dell has provided redesigned model of the same Chromebook, defect free, and will get students back on track without computer issues.