“Mamma Mia” Tickets Go On Sale


John Robert , Writer


“Mamma Mia” tickets are currently on sale. There will be no live stream viewing option this time around. So the only way for people to see the show will be to attend the show in-person. As of right now, only 4 extended family members of the cast and crew can buy tickets for each performance. This could be malleable to change in the future. 


” “Mamma Mia” is just a really fun and exciting show overall! Even though we had to make adjustments due to covid, the entire cast and crew have been working so hard to make sure the final product is amazing,” Sophomore Kylie Wray said.


“Mamma Mia” is a jukebox musical that uses the music of the famous Swedish band ABBA. It originally opened in the West End in 1999, before it eventually debuted on Broadway in 2001. It went on to be one of the most financially successful Broadway shows ever. The play was adapted into a very successful film in 2008 that spawned a successful sequel in 2018 “Mamma Mia! Here we go again”.


“My experience with “Mamma Mia” has been a lot of fun. I think I can speak for most if not all of the cast that we’re extremely grateful that we get to put on another show and we are doing our best to make it the best show we can,” Sophomore Ethan Olson said.


There will be 6 individual performances. The performances will occur on Thursday, April 1st, starting at 7 p.m. Friday, April 2nd, starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 3rd, starting 2 p.m. Thursday, April 8th, starting 7 p.m. Friday, April 9th, starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 10th, starting at 7 p.m. 


“It has been such an amazing experience to work with talented and kind people over the course of the past few months. I have loved every second, and the people and show overall have made the pandemic a little brighter,” Junior Charis Erickson said.