Lincoln Southwest High School Welcomes New Teachers


Xander Diaz

Southwest is home to the new social worker Ms. Border. Ms. Border hopes to help students using her secret power of empathy.

Alexander Diaz, Writer

For the 2022-2023 school year, Lincoln Southwest High School hired fifteen new teachers, one secretary, one social worker, one speech pathologist, one custodian and two computer technicians, one dance team sponsor, two special education teachers, two family consumer science, one PHYS. ED/health, and three english. 


“The reason Southwest needs teachers is because of teachers retiring and some going to the new school, Northwest High School,” Principal John Matzen said. 


Some teachers had prior experience but for others this will be their first year teaching. 


“I was a student teacher last year. I got close with English teachers and it felt comfortable, I fell in love with this place,” Hailey Van Genderen, a new Southwest teacher. “I wanted to teach because I had great teachers in high school that made me feel cared for so I really want to be a role model like that for my students.” 


Thaer Al Bawee (Computer Tech) Tina Walters (Computer Tech) Maridza Vasquez ( Ap Secretary) Tiffany Hate(Special Education), Brittany Johnson(Special Education), Lindsey Hinze(Dance Team Sponsor), Mikayla Border(Social Worker), Chelsea Joekel(Language Pathologist),Mark Hickson(Attendance Tech),Abby Filbert(Family Consumer Science), Elizabeth Griffith(Family Consumer Science), Courtney Wichman(English), Hailey Van Genderen(English), Erika Bruening(English), Delane Kauk(2nd,Supv).