How Do I Change My Schedule?


Cadi Wilbeck

Students can report to the counseling center in room C101 to add or drop classes.

Cadi Wilbeck

The beginning of the school year and changing of class schedules often go hand in hand. Although counselors spend the summer compiling a personalized schedule for each student, many students change their schedule at least once during the school year.


 “Usually students change because their class is either too hard or they don’t like their teacher,” according to junior Addisyn Keller.


“I’ve thought about changing my schedule for third and fourth term, just to get weight training because I’m an athlete,” freshman Sophie Johnson said. “I have not been to the counseling center yet this year.”


Freshmen and sophomores are required to maintain a full 4-block schedule, but juniors and seniors have much more flexibility, as they have completed more credits towards graduation requirements. As a result, they are the most likely to change their classes throughout the year. 


“I’d say I’ve changed my schedule four times since I’ve been here,” Keller said. “It’s not hard to change your schedule but it is difficult to find a class to be put into.”


Students can add, replace, and drop classes by contacting their counselor, whom they can find on the LSW Counseling Center website. Counselors are assigned according to the student’s last name: Ms. Brooke Sharpe has A through CL, Mrs. Kalie Almond has CM through GE, Ms. Amanda Tomes has GF through KR, Mrs. Lindsey Augustine has KS through OL, Mr. Anders Peterson has OM through SL, and Mr. Tim Ernst has SM through Z. Students can email their counselor to schedule an appointment to change classes in person or explain what changes they would like to make. 


Before they change their schedules, students are encouraged to visit the LSW Course Guide, where they can browse the different courses offered at Southwest. Classes can even be filtered according to which graduation requirement they fulfill.


Students can add and drop classes during second, third, and fourth term in addition to first. Note that classes can only be changed up until the second week of each term.