Hawks Baseball Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day


photo courtesy of LSW_BASEBALL twitter

Hawks varsity team pose with their silly socks

Alex Berry, Writer

On Monday, March 21 it was World Down Syndrome Day. Both the varsity and reserve baseball teams celebrated by wearing crazy socks for their games against Columbus at Den Hartog Field. Varsity played at 4:30 p.m. and reserve followed at 6:30 p.m. Varsity won with a score of 4-1 and reserve won with a score of 9-6.


The team made the decision to wear the socks in support of Bruns’s little sister, Claire.


“It felt really good to be a part of that and I felt like it was spreading awareness for people with Down Syndrome and letting them know that they’re just like you and they can do cool things,” said junior first baseman Bennett Bruns. “Claire was pretty stoked for everyone to be supported on it.”


The extra chromosomes related to Down syndrome resemble socks, so that is how the idea of wearing colorful socks has came to raise awareness and funds. 


“We did it for Bennett’s sister and it was a really good team experience,” sophomore infielder Calvin Peterson said. “Cam (Newell) is really good with themes and he decided to rather wear silly socks other than normal ones in support.”