Final Signing Day in the Books


Brayden Kramer signing to the University of Nebraska-Omaha

Alex Berry, Writer

The final Lincoln Southwest signing day wrapped up on Wednesday, April 27. Sixteen total athletes signed their letter of intent to their future colleges. 


Baseball, boys and girls soccer, cross country, track/field, football and swimming/diving were all of the sports with signees.


“I’m pretty excited to get out to Emory and play baseball out there,” senior Cam Newell said. “It is a very beautiful campus with a good baseball team and an amazing medical school.”


For the seniors, signing day was a culmination of the hard work they put into their high school careers and they were excited to continue in college. 


“I’ve had a lot of ups and downs through my high school career and I’m very proud with how far I’ve come,” senior Abby Deutsch said. “I can’t wait for what the future will hold.”



Cam Newell, Emory University

Jack Shaffer, Simpson College

Ryan Semin, Colorado School of Mines

Max Olivas, Nebraska Wesleyan University


Boys Soccer

Brayden Kramer, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Graedon Hilton, Kansas Wesleyan


Cross Country

Abby Deutsch, South Dakota State University

Brianna Rinn, University of Utah

Laren Blehm, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Madison Ramey, Doane University

Avary Byers, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Delaney Vacek, Nebraska Wesleyan University



Kailey Randall, Concordia University



Kyan Consbruck, Concordia University


Girls Soccer 

McKenna Rathbun, Doane University


Swimming/ Diving 

Brady Reichmuth, Morningside University