Create Memories at the Craft Fair


Isabella Skare

An individual shops for earrings at the 2021-2022 craft fair. Some vendors this year include Barbs Buttery Toffee’s by Barb Mapes, Bookish by Mrs. Toni Hiemes, Snow’s Craft by Diana Snow.

Lillian Bittle, Writer/Editor

On Saturday, Oct. 8, the annual Silver Hawk Fine Arts & Crafts Fair will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the commons. The admission fee is $2 and admission proceeds will go to Southwest’s Theatre Department, who organizes the fair.


“We (theatre) are in charge of setting up the whole event. We have kids come in the morning and set up all the booths,” senior Steven Dao said. “All the officers throughout the day come in and collect money and get attendance.”


There will be concessions and a bake sale run by Southwest’s Forensics Team. Hive Helpers club will also run a booth to earn money for their gardens and projects. Small businesses and community members have an opportunity to sell their art by being a vendor at the craft fair. 


“I enjoy going to the craft fair because it’s a place where I can find different people and a lot of different crafts,” senior Kae Bittle said. “It’s really fun for families and people in general to go and spend time together.”


Some vendors include Barbs Buttery Toffee’s by Barb Mapes, Bookish by Mrs. Toni Hiemes and Snow’s Craft by Diana Snow. 


For vendor information, contact Jake Sedivy via email at [email protected] or call (402) 436-1335.