Conservative Icon Rush Limbaugh Passes Away at 70


photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr

John Robert, Writer

Rush Limbaugh, a famous conservative radio host has passed away. His wife revealed the news of his passing on his radio show according to the nytimes. He died on Wednesday at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. He was 70.

Limbaugh was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020. He was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by former President of the United States Donald Trump. 


When Rush passed, former President Trump sent his condolences. He said he was “a great man,” “irreplaceable,” and “unique.”


Limbaugh was enshrined in the Radio Hall of Fame and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He was a five-time winner of the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award for “Excellence in Syndicated and Network Broadcasting,” a No. 1 New York Times bestselling author and was named one of Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People in 2008 and one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2009.


“He was influential and controversial, loved by many hated by some.” history teacher Mr. Reed Baillie said.


Former Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen sent their condolences to Rush’s family and “the millions of Americans who loved and cherished his incomparable voice.”


“He revolutionized alternative media, he was a true original,” Sophomore Ryan Richert said.


Rush was one of the most influential media figures in history and played a major role in shaping the modern-day Republican party. 


Former President Ronald Reagan explained what Rush’s life would become best in a letter that would be published by the National Review in 2003. “Thanks for all you’re doing to promote Republican and conservative principles. Now that I’ve retired from active politics, I don’t mind that you have become the Number One voice for conservatism in our country,” Reagan said, “I know the liberals call you ‘the most dangerous man in America,’ but don’t worry about it, they used to say the same thing about me. Keep up the good work. America needs to hear the way things ought to be,” Reagan said.