Charging Chromebook Changes Across Southwest



Senior Emely Chairez picks up a student loaner Chromebook from the Media Center. Students only receive a Chromebook if theirs is broken.

T.E.A. , Writer

Last year, students were able to go to the Media Center to get a loaned out Chromebooks and chargers if they were left at home, but a new change has been implemented for this upcoming school year. This year, students won’t be given one due to Chromebook shortages at Southwest. 


“Everyone gets checked out a device at the beginning of the year. We want kids to be responsible and bring their own so we don’t spend so much of our time chasing around lost Chromebooks and lost chargers. It’s helping kids learn to be responsible, to bring their own devices,” librarian Mrs. Michelle Schnell said. “It encourages them to be responsible and ensures we have enough Chromebooks for kids whose Chromebooks are actually broken.” 


The change in the Chromebook and charger policy came because many students had Chromebook checked out to them, would misplace them, and in turn be financially responsible for them, said Schnell. 


Students will still be able to get a loaner Chromebook or charger if theirs aren’t working at all, but it’s on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation. Southwest has around 2,200 students and about 20 loaner Chromebooks. 


“I think it’s tough because since we don’t have our phones, we can’t use our phones to complete work, so if you don’t have your Chromebook, then you really can’t get your work done,” senior Brooke Robert said. “I think that both the phone and Chromebook policy should change. We should be able to have loaners as long as we return them.” 


The Media Center has come up with a situation for students who have forgotten their chargers. There are now several chargers scattered around the Media Center that are plugged in so students can come in and charge them. If a student forgets to charge it, they can come and sit in the Media Center to do so.