Boys JV Tennis Team Starts Off Season


Emely Chairez

Logan Finley plays a singles match against a player from Southeast.

Emely Chairez

On Thursday Aug. 26, the JV boys tennis team beat Southeast 7-2. 


The match took place at Southwest and was the first of the season.


“We do have high expectations, they started (the season) with a strong match,” said Dennis Hershberger, head coach. “We’re super excited to see how they’re gonna do this year. They played really well as a group.” 


Players are excited and optimistic about the rest of their season.


“As a team, against Southeast, it’s always big with the city rival,” sophomore Logan Finley said. “I think with it being the first meet of the year, with all the jitters and stuff, we played pretty well. We have a tournament coming up on Saturday and so being in a big field like that gives us a lot of ambition for right now and the future.”


The team had their second match on Tuesday, Aug. 31 and lost to Southeast 5-4.


“The game was an all-time low for the team. First time I’ve lost with Southwest, but it’s against Southeast, they’re always going to be tough,” Finley said. “We gotta make sure we come back, we can’t give up against a team just one or two weeks into the season. So we’re gonna come and bring it back tenfold.”


The JV boys team will be competing next at a tournament on Saturday Sept. 4 at the Woods Tennis Center.